Persado X


Exclusively for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Users, Persado X offers the ability to statistically split test unlimited message variants, at scale, with ease. Persado X is also the only user interface to offer complete integration with Persado Go, the first machine-learning technology platform offering content generation and analytics.

·       Create Impactful Email Campaigns

Experiment with message variations allowing you to understand the most impactful message to drive the highest rates of engagement for your campaign

·       Leverage a Statistical Model Built for Campaign Validity

Allow Persado to randomly split your audience to gain the most valid interpretation of message variation performance

·       Seamlessly Integrate with Persado Go

Leverage the most powerful machine-learning technology platform for content generation at scale.

       Tap into your users emotions

Access advanced language & emotion insight - Uncover the language &     emotions that make your audience convert

       Generate better product descriptions

Use Persado's idea generator to find other ways to describe your product or offer.

       Maximize responses

Visualize which descriptive, formatting, and emotional elements drive the highest response rates. Determine the best combination with high statistical confidence.

·       To Learn more about Persado X, Persado Go, or Persado Enterprise for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, contact